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Did God Have a Wife? Archaeology and Folk Religion in Ancient Israel. An archaeologist writes a popular and polemical survey of Israelite religion with strong emphasis on the goddess Asherah. Johnston, Philip S. Shades of Sheol. Death and Afterlife in the Old Testament. Evangelical evaluation of the afterlife in the Old Testament that argues a distinction between righteous believers and the unrighteous.

Keel, Othmar and Christoph Uelinger.

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Translated by Allan W. The most important survey of the archaeological data, and especially the iconography, related to Israelite religion. Miller, Patrick D. The Religion of Ancient Israel. A study of many important topics of Canaanite and Israelite religion. Smith, Mark S. God in Translation.

Profound, detailed study tracing attitudes toward monotheism and polytheism in the ancient world.

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Second revised edition, A detailed synthesis of archaeological, textual, and biblical evidence for the worship of Yahweh and other deities in Old Testament times. This approach argues for a convergence of various deities to "create" Israel's God as he is known in the Bible.

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Stavrakopoulou, Francesca, and John Barton, editors. Religious Diversity in Ancient Israel and Judah. A representation of views on Israelite religion, emphasizing European scholarship.

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Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible. This is an essential reference work on the subject. The Religions of Ancient Israel. A Synthesis of Parallactic Approaches. Continuum, The massive study of more than pages provides the most thorough and balanced discussion of the subject. Bock, D. Glaser, eds. Kregel, Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus. Challenged by the popular belief that "Jews don't believe in Jesus!

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Messianic Judaism: A Critical Anthology. Bloomsbury Academic, Scholarly presentation of Messianic Judaism by a Jewish non-Messianic scholar.

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Cohn-Sherbok, D. Lederer, Collection of articles on liturgy, biblical interpretation, Messianic synagogues, Messianic Jewish education, intermarriage, congregational leadership, role of women, Gentile conversion, zionism, and eschatology. Fisher, J. Gundry, S. Goldberg, eds. How Jewish is Christianity? David H.

Messianic Jewish and Christian scholars address key themes, issues and challenges in contemporary Messianic Judaism. Skarsaune, O. Hvalvik, eds. Jewish Believers in Jesus: the Early Centuries.

Scholars examine Greek, Latin, and Syriac literary evidence on the presence of Jewish believers in Europe and the Middle East during the first five centuries of the Church. Clarksville, MD: Lederer Books, The book is an excellent introductory survey of Messianic Jewish thought. It addresses theological, historical, legal, and ontological issues related to the Messianic Jewish movement.

Wilson, M. Alexander, T. An Evangelical and theological survey of the Pentateuch. Briggs, Richard S. Lohr, eds. Aware of critical issues, this volume discusses important theological themes for each of the five books. Hamilton, Victor R. Handbook to the Pentateuch. An Evangelical exposition of the narrative and teachings. Schnittjer, Gary Edward. A well-illustrated undergraduate Evangelical textbook on the message and meaning of the first five books of the Bible.

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An important commentary with emphasis on linguistic and ancient cultural contexts as well as a well balanced survey of current scholarship. Brueggemann, W. Theological reading with application. Cassuto, U. Commentary on Genesis. Magnes, Jewish scholar situates Genesis in Rabbinic and Hebrew interpretative traditions. A classic alternative to the Documentary approach. Only includes chapters Hamilton, Victor. The Book of Genesis: Chapters Emphasis on comparative Semitics. Kidner, D. Genesis: An Introduction and Commentary. IVP, An elegant interpretation of the book. Mathews, Kenneth A.