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A miser. A spot-fixer. A thief. A gourmand. A scribe. A captain. All lost. All adrift. They each seek satisfaction in other walks of life away from the football field, but all they find is frustration and rage. But one by one they receive a calling that resounds deeply in their hearts and forces them to reassess the stagnation in their lives.

What great force could it be that drives these fallen men back to their place of their greatest triumphs? And will they be the same if they decide to heed the call? DG Jones is a civil servant working in the UK aerospace sector. He has written pieces on literary and cultural criticism, and published his first book Eat Yourself, Clarice! A collection of short stories and one-shots centered around May have bits of Afterdeath and Drink sprinkled in every so often.

Fred M. White

Expect drama, a My Future Fell! Don't like, don't read. Also, cover doesn't belon Poth One Shots Requests Open!!

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Hey guys! Started another collection since it didn't make sense to put Poth in the AfterDeath one.

Lotus Reads: Luxurious Hearses in "Say You're One of Them" by Uwem Akpan

Hope you guys enjoy reading these! Cover Angexci. He hates me - right? Like the title says. It would be difficult to constitute a jury able to read simultaneously works written in Arabic, French, and other languages. That way we would not be able to offer the award to younger writers. This is why I think it would be great to establish within our movement sectors on literature in French, English, Arabic, and other languages so that each could names to the big jury, which could in turn make the decisions.

I would like to second the proposal of the chair of our jury. Her poetry is wonderfully gentle in its structure. She is well known not only in Russia but in other countries as well. Zulfiya represents the Soviet East, and we think we have proposed not only a major poet, but also, importantly, a female writer.

Gueye Senegal :. I still regret that in the list of awardees there are no francophone writers. Ok, I would be happy to add a seventh prize, but do we have a proper seventh nomination?

19 Best Short English Stories for Kids Collection - Infobells

I think this proposal of expanding the number of prizes to have one in all possible languages is not only wrong but also dangerous. If we want all the languages of our Association to receive awards, we have enough time in the future.

CYTC Outstanding Series: Writer-in-Residence, Famous Chinese Writer Ms. Wang Anyi

As soon as a new prize is awarded to address the omission of one language, I would immediately propose another language. Thus, I propose that we limit ourselves to the number of prizes that we announced at the beginning of our meeting. As for all the languages, all the writers whom we mentioned this time but could not give a prize to, I propose that the Permanent Bureau takes note of them in nominating writers for the next set of awards.

Maugham, William Somerset - British Colonialism in Maugham´s Stories

I would very much like our Senegalese member to be satisfied with this reply. On my part, I promise that next time we would have a francophone African writer. Let us not take up our time with meaningless debates. I would like the protocol to note my disappointment about the absence of a francophone writer. After all, it is my responsibility in the Bureau to conduct propaganda on behalf of francophone Africa. During the two decades of its existence — , the Lotus was the most significant literary prize given to writers from African and Asia. Karunatilake Sri Lanka. Ibragimov and U.

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