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Whitethorn Woods

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Chapter 16 - Wit bloeit de meidoorn

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Do you think this reaction is common among abused children? How does the combination of fear and pride shape Clare, both as a child and as a young woman out on her own? The stories of Vera and Sharon provide a lighthearted look at love and romance through the perspectives of two generations. How does Binchy bring to life the idiosyncrasies of love at different stages in our lives? In what ways do the stories speak to the timeless needs, desires, and hopes that underlie the search for love?

Would these two women have become friends in either Ireland or America, their respective homelands? What role do less-than-perfect marriages play in their deep attachment to and dependence on each other? Were you surprised to come upon this chilling story? What do the two stories represent in terms of the themes of the novel and the fictional world Binchy is creating?

Whitethorn Woods: A Novel

What factors shape the assumptions Barbara and her coworkers make about one another in the office? Do you think the new relationships among the characters will last, or will the old patterns inevitably reemerge?

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What specific details and observations in the stories highlight common reactions to change and progress? Discuss, for example, how the conflict between Dr. Dermot and Dr.

Whitethorn Woods by Maeve Binchy

White represents more than the clash of two personalities and two different styles of practicing medicine. In what ways does Chester Kovac epitomize the image that people in other countries have of Americans and how this image affects his interactions with the local population? Does she make moral judgments, or does she leave this up to the reader?

June and Lucky are the youngest narrators in Whitethorn Woods.

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In this particular town exists an old statue in the heart of Whitethorn Woods, put up in honor of St. Ann and long visited as a wishing well by people from far and wide, searching for a husband, longing for a baby, and so on. A new highway is threatened, which would demolish the beloved statue.

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  4. The family priest, among others, is involved.